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Discover the magic of our courses by watching the videos below. With engaging content and dynamic teaching methods, our courses are designed to help you succeed. Don't just take our word for it - let the videos speak for themselves. Watch now and unlock your full potential!

Our all inclusive course explained

Watch the video to see how the 'All inclusive' course includes everything you could possibly need to succeed and become a driving instructor. From personalised coaching to unlimited access to course materials and even a private community to connect with other potential driving instructors, we have thought of everything. Plus, the fact that it's all included in one price makes it so convenient and easy to budget for. 

Pass part 1 and 2 then start earning money .....

Our part 3 only Course explained

You can watch the short video to see how our 'Part 3' only course works. 

If you've already passed your Part 1 and Part 2 exams, you might be interested in our Part 3 only course. To see how it works, check out our quick video. The course can be completed over the course of several weeks or in an intensive five-day session. Depending on your availability, we offer both morning and all-day sessions. During your training, you'll participate in roleplay exercises where your trainer will act as a real pupil. This will help hone your skills so that you're ready to teach real pupils. Your trainer will also help you develop your ability to observe pupil rapport and use active listening skills. We'll also work with you to develop your commentary driving skills so that you're prepared to teach pupils in the early stages. You'll have class exercises and action plans to complete, and we'll be there every step of the way. Speak with your trainer to determine which course is best for you.

Driving instructor training cost?

How much does driving instructor training cost?- Click on the buttons next to the course to find out.

Our part two and three course explained.

If you have completed your part one exam, you may want to consider taking our Part 2 and 3 course. This course is designed to help you become an advanced driver and will take place over several weeks or intensively over five days. Depending on your schedule, the course will be broken down into morning or all-day sessions. During part two of the training, your trainer will assess your driving skills and help you develop into an advanced driver. You will also practice 'commentary driving' to help you instruct pupils, and complete classroom exercises. Part three will involve role-playing where your trainer will pretend to be a real pupil to help you develop your skills, so you can coach and teach real pupils. Your trainer will also help you develop your ability to watch your pupil's rapport and use active listening skills to help the learner. You may even sit in on your trainer's live ‘learner lessons,’ and there will be classroom exercises and action plans to complete. Our team will be with you every step of the way, so speak to your trainer to see which course is best for you.

All Inclusive plus

Suppose you want a course that gets you earning quickly. Watch this.

All-inclusive plus course


This bespoke course covers you throughout your training with no added costs. * 

This course includes your part one, part two and part three training plus the additional 20 hours needed while you are on a trainee badge.

This course covers all your needs and earns you money while you train.

Get your new career off to a flying start with our All-inclusive plus course.

*Exam costs are extra

Direct to the test

Direct to the test

Whether you have passed any of the qualifying exams or not, you may prefer to pay for fewer hours.

This may be because-

·         You have had training before.

·         You may feel confident in your ability.

·         You may have passed part one and two tests.

·         You might not have the desire to have a trainee badge.

·         You may need remedial training.

Whatever the reason, our direct courses still have the same online support as the complete courses, including module videos, webinars, coursebooks and support from us.

You can choose –

Direct 30 – 30-hour course.  

Direct 20 – 20-hour course.

Direct 10- 10-hour course.

Whatever your needs, we have a course for you.

driving instructor training cost

I need a driving instructor course near me.......We can provide accommodation in Poole so that you can visit us and complete your course from anywhere in the UK.