What happens on our driver instructor training course.

If you're interested in becoming a driving instructor, you'll be happy to know that our course is broken down into 12 modules. Each module lasts around three and a half hours, and covers coursework for all three tests - Part 1, 2 and 3. We follow the guidance given by the DVSA through the national standard for driver training, and our trainers are all ORDIT registered to ensure your training is at a high standard. During your training, you'll be driving while your trainer observes you. As your confidence increases, your driving will become more advanced. You'll also learn how to give a commentary whilst driving, which involves talking yourself through hazards. Your trainer will also role-play different types of learners so that you can help the pupil problem-solve. Additionally, you'll learn to watch the rapport develop with your pupil and develop active listening skills. Your trainer will support you in a client-centred way so that you can learn to give value for money and ensure learning takes place when you become a driving instructor.

Train to become a driving instructor

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