One to one in car training 

In car training 

Our training program is designed to provide you with the best possible experience. Every module includes one to one training sessions in the car where you will practice your driving and learn from your instructor's expert guidance. Unlike virtual training courses, our program offers face to face support with your trainer, ensuring that you receive the highest quality training. Each training session lasts for around 3 hours, during which time your trainer will help you improve your driving techniques, including commentary driving. In addition, you'll participate in role-play sessions where your trainer will pretend to be a learner driver. Throughout your course, you will have the same trainer and receive face to face support every step of the way. We take pride in providing this high level of one to one support throughout the course.

The best online course that supports your 'in car' sessions , not replacing it.......

It is imperative that you consider an online course that complements your in-car sessions instead of completely replacing them. Choosing a program that supports your hands-on experience with role play sessions can significantly improve your confidence when coaching real learners. Our  course  places emphasis on reinforcing your in-car learning and provides supplementary resources and practice exercises to enhance your skills. By achieving the perfect balance between online learning and real-life instruction, you will undoubtedly feel  prepared and ready to face the challenges when teaching real pupils.

Course assignments before you arrive

Course assignments that back up your one to one .....

Your online course assignments are an excellent way to prepare for your 'in car' sessions with your trainer. By completing these assignments, you can solidify your understanding of the material and apply it in real-world scenarios. These assignments can take many forms, such as written exercises, quizzes, or practical projects. Regardless of the format, they provide an opportunity to practice and refine your abilities before arriving for your module training while also receiving feedback and guidance from your trainer.  When it comes to effective training programs, course assignments are a crucial part of the learning process. These assignments will help you prepare for  upcoming sessions where you will be playing the role of a driving instructor, while the trainer takes on the role of the pupil.