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Advanced driving -part 2 test. word you look confident now!

Congratulations on passing your part one driving test! You have earned the opportunity to take the advanced driving test, and we will provide you with the necessary tools to succeed. Our comprehensive course will equip you with the skills and confidence you need to ace the test. Your trainer will provide assessment driving sessions and work with you to improve your driving skills. Together, you will fill out online reports after each assessment to ensure you are always on track. We are committed to ensuring that you are fully prepared to excel on your test. Good luck!

Part two training with David

It's all in a day work for David ...........

David is a highly experienced trainer who can not only help you pass the advanced driving test, but also instil in you the skills and knowledge necessary for safe driving for life and increase your skills in preparation for your part 3 test. With his guidance, you can become a confident and responsible driver who can pass on those same qualities to your own students when you start teaching and coaching learner drivers.

What you need to do to pass

Watch this brief video to see how to pass the part two test. 

What the DVSA say about the part 2 test...........

Your general driving ability
You’ll have to show the examiner all of the following:

  • expert handling of the control
  • use of correct road procedure
  • anticipation of the actions of other road users and then taking appropriate action
  • sound judgement of distance, speed and timing
  • consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users
  • driving in an environmentally-friendly manner
You’ll drive in varying road and traffic conditions, including motorways or dual carriageways where possible.

You might also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.

Reversing your vehicle
The examiner will ask you to do 2 of the following exercises:

  • parallel park at the side of the road
  • reverse into a parking bay and drive out
  • drive into a parking bay and reverse out
  • pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for around two car lengths, and re-join the traffic
Independent driving
You’ll have to drive for about 20 minutes by following either:

  • directions from a sat nav
  • traffic signs
So that you know – the examiner will tell you what to do.

Following directions from a sat nav
The examiner will provide the sat nav and set it up for you.

You cannot follow directions from your own sat nav during the test.

Going off the route
Your test result will not be affected if you take a wrong turn unless you make a fault.

The examiner will help you get back on the route if you do.

If you cannot see traffic signs
If you cannot see a traffic sign (for example, trees cover it), the examiner will give you directions until you can see the next one.